GALLERY OF WORKS - Flora and Fauna
Rochester, NY is known as the "Flower City." Parks, churches, businesses, and private residences proudly live up to the nickname. It is impossible to walk around with a camera without stopping to photograph our wild and natural flowers as well as the rigorously landscaped and coordinated flower beds. Two animal images from the Seneca Park Zoo complete the selections of this gallery.
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Martha's Red
Backyard, backlite beauty.

Yellow Spikey Tulip
Highland Park, May 5, 2006

Dahlia Pink's Backside

Do you see the ant?
Rhododendron and friend at Highland Park

Mushroom Siblings
Letchworth State park

Red Tulips
Highland Park

Sunflower Seeds



Sunflowers on Blue
Greece, NY

Points in Focus

Wildflower White
Short comment.

Carnation and Friend
Hi-Key Studio

Subtle Grey
Hi-Key Studio, Black and White

Select Focus

Ice Sculptured by Wind
Rochester Ice Storm

Tulip Garden
Pittsford, NY

Iris Peach

Sculptured Ice II
Rochester Ice Storm

Sculptured Ice III
Rochester Ice Storm

Glad Red

St. Stanislaus Orange

Ostrich Eyed
Seneca Park Zoo

Full Rack
Reindeer, Seneca Park Zoo

Swan Takeoff
Durand Eastman Park Pond