GALLERY OF WORKS - City of Rochester
The photos in this gallery are taken within the city of Rochester. They are randomly displayed to encourage your review of the full gallery. Note that there are more gallery pages at the links with the gallery button at the bottom of the page.

Click image for larger view. In case you were wondering, the copyright notice is removed from printed photographs.

Canandaigua Dawn
Ononda Park on Canandaigua Lake

Rochester Dawn
December 21, 2014

Solstice Shadows
June 21, 2017

Solstice Kayakers
Durand Eastman Beach

Solstice Boater
on Durand Eastman Beach

A Rose, The Child
St. Mary's Churchyard, Rochester, NY

Morning Light
Ontario Beach Park

Durand Beach
on Lake Ontario

Durand Beach 2
on Lake Ontario

Rochester Flotilla 1
September 19, 2010

Rochester Flotilla 2
September 19, 2010

Winter Irondequoit Bay Outlet


Along the Genesee
at the University of Rochester

Winter Lights
near High Falls

Fanning the Sun
Winter light on the Genesee River

Mercury and Wings II
They are several blocks apart

Symmetric Angles
Bausch & Lomb Building Rooftop at Dusk. The Blue Cross Blue Shield building is in front and the Xerox Tower building is behind

Built with Silver
Kodak Office Tower

Symmetric Angles 2016
Taken September 25, 2016, Legacy Tower at sunset beaming red, with Xerox Tower in the background.

Reflected Angles
Top of the Bausch & Lomb Atrium contrast
against the Xerox Tower at Sunset

Contrasting Angles
Top of the Bausch & Lomb Atrium contrast
against the Xerox Tower at Sunset

Preaching to the Choir
Lutheran Church of the Reformation on Chestnut St.


Preaching to the Choir II
Lutheran Church of the Reformation on Chestnut St.

Yellow Leaf Road
Mount Hope Cemetery

Charlotte Beach house Balcony

Charlotte Beach Boats
at rest


Charlotte Beach Boats II
at rest

City Sunset Glow
September 25, 2016

Maple: Between Pines and Pond
Jue 21m 2017

Along the Genesee UofR

Night Light
December 19, 2007.
Manhattan Square Park

Manhattan Square Park
December 19, 2007.

Elliptical Play
December 19, 2007.
Strong National Museum of Play

Genesee River-Lower Falls
Summer View.

Genesee River-Lower Falls
Winter View

Sister Cities Bridge-Black and White
River Walk Downtown

Statuary Atop Rundell Public Library
With a Snowy Mantle.

St. Mary's Church Garden
Bausch & Lomb and Xerox Buildings in Background

George Eastman Memorial
At Kodak Park

Officer Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Washington Square

Infantryman Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Washington Square

Cannoneer-Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Washington Square

Mount Hope Cemetery 01
Fall-3 Stones

Mount Hope Cemetery
Fallen Civil War Soldier named Albert Hotchkiss

George Eastman Monument
Black and White

Cannoneer with Firelight
At a certain time of year the sun reflects off of the Frontier Office Building giving a battle scene-like lighting. Best printed at 10-in x 15-in and smaller.

Rochester Skyline
with old Troup Howell Bridge

St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Church

Frederick Douglass Memorial
At his gravesite, Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY

Susan B. Anthony Memorial
At her gravesite, Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY on a beautiful fall day.

Madonna and Jesus
St. Mary's Church Garden, Rochester, NY

Eagle Statue Winter
Near the War Memorial

Kodak Park Monument
on Ridge Road near Building 28

St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Church

Charlotte Lighthouse 02
High view vertical

War Memorial Reflection
In Winter

Dinosaur Windmill
At Dinosaur Restaurant with Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield Building in background.

Charlotte Beach Carousel
Warm Summer Night

Frontier Field Lights and Kodak Office
at sunset

Jimmy Macs Hydrant

Rochester Skyline
foreground embankment

Spin Caffe
December 26, 2007.

War Memorial Reflection-Summer

Atop South Avenue Garage
Chase Tower Backdrop

Maplewood Arch I
a sculpture at Ridge and Lake Avenue by
Dejan Pejovic. Note how interesting the sculpture becomes as it appears to change shape as you go around it. I have others in the series

Maplewood Arch II

Maplewood Arch IV